Focusing on certain famous Italy football clubs

Read more to learn which Italian football teams currently playing in the best division are the most successful.

The Italian football league is recognized all across the globe. Known for being the greatest defensive league around the world, the challenge to come out on top in the country is seriously strong. Inter Milan is without any doubt, one of the teams that is always a favourite challenger for the local title. Located in the beautiful and well known northern Italian city, the club shares its ground with the other really famous Milan soccer club. The squad, which plays in black and blue, was started in 1908 and has won a total of 39 trophies in its exceptionally proud history. Inter Milan and its shareholders really love the fact that the club is one of the most successful in Italy and will be looking to build upon that winning history. You can never count out a club of its quality to reach the top once more and add to their collection of honors.

If you were to search for a list of the top Italian soccer squads, then you would be sure to find AC Milan. The Italian heavyweights have a successful and proud history and with a total of 48 trophies, continue to be one of the most successful soccer squads in history. AC Milan and its owner are trying to get the club back to the same domestic and European authority it had only 10 years ago by making several really positive improvements and by bringing back old club legends. The new owner is working hard to get the club back to its previous glory. The very renowned team, which was established in 1899, is widely known for having had a number of top-class footballers playing in its team, as well as its black and red kit and its particularly large global fan base.

Italy is a country that has a solid footballing tradition and history. As one of the top forces in football all around the world, it seems logical that the country is home to several of the greatest teams on earth. Juventus and its owner know that the team is the biggest football club in Italy. With a total of 66 major trophies collected since it was developed in 1897, no other squad in the country is as successful or as well supported as they are. Headquartered in the gorgeous northern city of Turin, the team look practically unstoppable in the national league and are always one of the favourites to attain the Champions League. Having recently acquired one of the finest players in history to ever play the sport, it's safe to say that their achievements and attraction are only likely to increase over the upcoming few years.

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